Funny Boy Peeing Trump Decal Sticker #notmypresident


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Show your love with this Funny Trump Boy Peeing Decal Sticker #notmypresident (Car/Truck Decal).


This decal sticker is made with high-quality waterproof and weather-resistant material and cut precisely to the design/pattern – guaranteed not to fade and made to last.


This decal sticker will stick to cars, boats, atv’s, motorcycles and any other clean flat surface.


NOTE: This is a Die Cut Sticker. This means that there is no actual background in the physical sticker and the background colour in the image is an example to showcase the colour of the actual sticker. Learn more about Die Cut Stickers.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification before ordering.


Size: 12cm * 10cm / 18cm * 15cm


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